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Panel Replacements and Upgrades
Resetting tripped breaker in residential

Marin SF Electric has a decade of experience troubleshooting, repairing and replacing residential and multi-family electric panels throughout Marin and San Francisco. We ensure a seamless customer experience by handling the entire process from start to finish. Our panel replacement and upgrade service includes:


- Free estimates for panel replacements and upgrades

- Load calculations to ensure the correct panel size for your property

- Marin SF Electric processes the PG&E application, applies for necessary building permits & coordinates and attends all on-site inspections

- One year warranty on work performed


It is common to have a damaged panel or an old panel that requires replacing. Specifically, discontinued Zinsco and Federal Pacific electrical panels which require replacement. Marin SF Electric can help you install a new panel that is safe and up to code.


If you have overloaded your panel or are adding devices that require an upgraded panel size, we perform accurate load calculations to ensure the correct panel size for your property. 

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