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It is a priority for Marin SF Electric to respect the health of our employees and our community. According to the County of Marin Shelter in Place Order, electricians are only permitted to provide essential services at this time under the following conditions:


- Projects immediately necessary to the maintenance, operation, or repair of essential infrastructure.This means that construction related to essential infrastructure is not allowed if the infrastructure will not be ready for an extended period of time. The expansion of an infrastructural facility that will not be completed for a year, for example,is not fulfilling an immediate need.

- Projects associated with healthcare operations, but only if the construction is directly related to the COVID-19 response.

- Affordable housing, including multi-unit or mixed-use development with at least 10% income-restricted units. Other residential construction is not permitted.

- Public works projects, but only if they are specifically designated as an essential governmental function by the lead governmental agency.

- Shelters and temporary housing, but not including hotels or motels.

- Projects immediately necessary to provide critical non-commercial services to those experiencing homelessness, elderly persons, persons who are economically disadvantaged, and persons with special needs.

- Construction strictly necessary to ensure that a site that is shut down under this Oder is safe and secure.

- Construction or repair necessary to ensure that a residence or a building containing essential businesses is safe, sanitary, and habitable if that work cannot be reasonably delayed.


We are following health and safety guidelines provided by the CDC and have also implemented the following protocols:

- All employees are equipped with disinfecting supplies hand washing stations in their work vehicle and are required to wash hands between job sites and when common sense requires washing

- Employees are equipped with masks and are required to wear a mask if they need to be working within 6 feet of another person

- You can review our company social distancing protocols for more information

If you are requesting service from Marin SF Electric and someone in your household is sick or has been exposed to COVID-19 please disclose that when inquiring.​

Marin SF Electric​

Len, Jacqui, Colby, Duncan & Taylor 

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